Sell Your House for The Best Price, in Just 9-Days and Save £50,000 (Or More)! When You Buy Your Next Home

Why Would You Want This Course?

You will discover my top tips I implemented which helped sell my house to the first person who walked through the front door.

You'll uncover the truth about what real estate agents should tell you, but don't.

You'll learn tips and tricks that result in homebuyers fighting each other to buy your house.

By the end of this video training course, you'll have the knowledge so you can sell your house in under 2 weeks for full asking price...or more.

You'll discover the tips that will add £££'s or $$$'s to the value of your house.

Course Highlights

Easy Video Learning

As this is a video course, it means you don’t need to put much effort into learning. The videos make it easy for you to learn about how you sell your property fast. Plus, as a video course, it's a quicker way to learn, so you quickly get started on improving your house to sell.

Home Improvement Checklist

FREE Home Improvement Checklist to make it easy to implement what you learn, which means nothing gets forgotten. Plus you receive a Free Pre-Homebuyer Viewing Checklist for preparing your house before each viewing.

Home Improvement Tool

An easy to use Upgrade Calculator Tool so you can easily budget for how much the improvements will cost.

FREE Bonuses #2 + #3

Bonuses #2 & #3 alone will more than pay for your investment in this course for years to come.

FREE Bonus Strategy Could Save £51,852

FREE Bonuses #2 and #3 uncover a secret strategy I use that will significantly reduce your stress of selling your current property, whilst at the same time saving you massive sums of money.

Bonus Video #3, assumes your next house would normally cost £250,000 to buy. The bonus video demonstrates how you could potentially save £51,852 when you implement this simple but effective strategy. Now imagine for a moment what savings you could achieve if your next house would normally cost more than £250,000!

For example, you could save £148,615 if your next house would normally cost £500,000 to buy. And you receive this tool for FREE when you invest in this video training course.

I'm not sure if the impact of the savings I've just explained have sunk in with you yet, but if you divide these savings by the small investment for this course, your return on investment* would be huge:

  1. 1
    On a saving of £51,852 it represents a staggering 1,910% return.
  2. 2
    On a saving of £148,615 it represents an even more staggering 5,504% return.
  3. 3
    I will admit, even I was surprised by the savings this FREE Mortgage Savings Calculator generates! No one else is teaching this strategy. But more to the point, no one else has this Mortgage Savings Calculator Tool.

This software tool cannot be found anywhere else on the Internet, and you get the easy to use tool included for FREE when you invest in this video training course.

Also Note: If you implement what you learn in this course, and with what you'll add in value to your home, this will more than pay for the small investment in this course in any event.

But then when you add the savings from the strategy you learn from Bonuses #2 and #3 described above, your return on investment from this video course becomes insane.

If ever there was a no-brainer course to investment your hard-earned money in, and even though I say it myself, it's this course.

In fact I may have to increase the price soon. But invest now because you want to add value to your house and sell it quickly, and not because the price may increase.

Get instant access to Sell Your House In Under 2 Weeks For More Money Now!

Get started now with this step by step video guide to discover how to update your house, so buyers will love it.

You may even be pleasantly surprised that your house ends up being valued by a real estate agent at more than you thought it could ever be worth.

This course uncovers the tips, tricks and secrets that real estate agents mostly keep to themselves.

Easy To Follow Steps to...

Sell Your House In Under 2 Weeks For More Money

Reduce the stress of selling your house

When you implement what you learn in this easy to follow video course, you'll reduce your stress when it comes selling your home. This is especially true when you adopt the strategy you discover from Bonuses #2 and #3.

But even if you choose to not use this FREE bonus strategy, you'll still benefit from reduced stress when you sell. This is because you'll add value to your property and you'll sell quickly.

Course Overview

What you get when you invest in this step-by-step video course.

  1. 1
    The 1st chapter is an introduction - The introductory video explains the best way for you to have homebuyers loving your house, which will result in receiving offers of full asking price and more.
  2. 2
    Chapters 2 to 9 - A set of step by step video guides to explain exactly what you need to do in each room of your house so homebuyers will love each room and want to buy your property right away. The training videos also include what to do with your garage, your garden and the exterior of your property and about the all-important first impressions count.
  3. 3
    Checklist PDFs and Excel Tool - Accompanying these 9 easy to follow videos are the Home Improvement Checklist PDF, the Pre-Homebuyer Viewing Checklist PDF and the House Upgrade Calculator Tool.
  4. 4
    Bonus #1 - Extra tips and tricks so you easily add value to your house, which will result in a quick sale.
  5. 5
    Bonus #2 - Video to explain the Pros and Cons of my secret strategy, that will significantly reduce your stress of selling your house.
  6. 6
    Bonus #3 - Video guide accompanying the Mortgage Savings Calculator Tool, which will help you estimate how much you could save by implementing this secret strategy explained in Bonus #2.

Please note: The video course will more than pay for itself, even if you decide not to adopt the Free Bonus #2 strategy.

About the Author

Russell Bowyer

After taking months to sell a house, which was after having to drop the price more than once, I thought there must be a better way. As a result of my frustrations, and from what I did to solve the problems I'd encountered, my next house was sold almost before it got listed with the estate agent.

If you follow the tips and tricks in this video course, you too may achieve the same result as me.

I am a property owner and property investor, with a sizable property investment portfolio. I've helped property owners for a while now, and with the addition of this course, I know that I'm helping even more property owners.

Before I released this video course, the only solution for homeowners who were struggling to sell their property, was to drop the price, or use a house buying company.

Whereas with this course, the reverse is the case, which means that you get more money when you sell and you can sell via an estate agent in the normal way.

Who This Course Will Benefit

If you fall into the following categories, you'll benefit from what you'll learn in this video if you are:

A Homeowner About To Sell Your Property

If you are a homeowner and you're considering selling your house, this course is perfect for you. You are in a great position to discover what estate agents won't tell you about how to best prepare your house for market. Get the best tips that add value to your house, before it's listed with an estate agent. Then benefit from the tips and tricks that will help sell your house fast.

A Homeowner Who's Struggling To Sell Your House

If you are a homeowner and your property is already on the market, but it isn't selling for some reason, this course will help you solve the problem. Properties don't sell for one main reason, which is if it's priced at more than it's worth. This course shows you how to add value to your home so you'll be able to achieve a higher price. Plus it will help you to sell your property much faster.

A Property Investor Flipping Properties

Property investors will benefit hugely from investing in this course, especially if you intend to flip the properties you buy. This course will give you all the best tips to help you maximise your profits when you sell, plus you'll learn how to sell your properties quicker. This means you'll be able to buy your next property much faster with more money.

Julie Write

Dear Russell, Thank you so very for your time and advice although the situation would not of worked for both parties as you explained to me very well you very willingly and kindly did mention some other options to consider that may be of help to us.

It was so nice speaking to you and your guidance is very much appreciated.

I will certainly keep your details and if anyone should require your services I most certainly would not hesitate in recommending they contact you. Yet again many thanks for your advice and help.


"Just wanted to thank you for sending the updated version 🙂

– you are a star.

Its a pity there isn’t more around like you – it’s so refreshing to actually get proper support for a product and your wish list answered too!!

Anyway thanks again – much appreciated!"

The Best Time to Start Is NOW, Which is Before You List Your house!

Never before has there been a course like this to help you sell your house quickly and for more money. The best time to sell your house is in the first two weeks it's listed, which is what should happen to your house if you follow the steps in this easy to follow course.

Easy To Follow Steps to...

Sell Your House In Under 2 Weeks For More Money

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30 day guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee for 30-Days

Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk Free!

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing video course, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Note: You can keep the Free Tools and PDF Checklists that accompany the course, including the amazing Mortgage Savings Calculator Tool, even after you've received a full refund.

The Story

If you've tried to sell your house before now, and if it's taken months to sell, it's likely you ended up very stressed as a result.

You probably worried about whether your buyers were going to pull out of the sale, you stressed about your buyers survey and what it might find, you stressed about losing your ongoing purchase and you got stressed on the day of completion because you had to move out of one house and into another.

Previously your house took months to sell

If you follow the steps in each video of this course, your buyers will love your house and want to buy it right away. If you do a good job and show your house at its best, you may even create a bidding war and receive offers in excess of list price.

Previously you stressed about buyer's surveys:

Follow the additional tips in bonus video #1 and you'll reduce the stress of the dreaded house survey.

You usually worry about buyers pulling out, leading to the loss of your ongoing purchase:

If you use the strategy suggested in FREE Bonus Video #2, there'll be no need to get stressed about your buyers pulling out.

Before now you've got very stressed when you sell your house:

If you use the strategy suggested in FREE Bonus Video #2, your stress will be significantly reduced. Use the Mortgage Savings Calculator Tool you get FREE with this course to see what savings you make when you adopt this great stress-relieving strategy.

Before now you got very stressed on completion day:

If you use the strategy suggested in FREE Bonus Video #2, there will be no need to get stressed on the day of completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've shared some of our frequently asked questions to help you out.

Can I watch the course on my mobile phone?

Yes you can as this site is mobile responsive. This means you can watch the lessons, more or less wherever you happen to be.

You can even listen to the lessons in your car. For example, you can listen to the videos as you go to and from work each day, so no time is lost.

But of course, please only listen to the videos and don't watch them if you are the one driving the car.

Can I watch the course more than once?

Yes you can watch the course videos as many times as you want.

How soon after paying will I be able to take the course?

The minute you pay for the course you will be given immediate access to the content, so you can start right away.

This is important, as you'll be able to start watching the training videos straight away and begin to action what you learn right away.

What course materials come with the course?

2 PDF's including a House Checklist to make sure nothing gets missed after taking the course and the Buyers Pre-Viewing Checklist to help you best prepare your house before each viewing, so buyers love it. These pre-viewing tips alone will improve your chances of selling your house right away.

What tools come with this course?

2 Excel tools and you don't need to worry if you're no good with Excel, as they are very easy to use. These include the Mortgage Savings Calculator Tool and the Upgrade Calculator Tool.

How long will the course take?

If you plan to watch the videos of the main course all in one session, you will complete these in roughly an hour and 15 minutes.

But you may choose to watch each video, one at a time, and action what you learn for each room of your house one by one. The choice is entirely down to how you prefer to learn, and how you prefer to implement what you learn.

The bonus courses will take a further 40 minutes to complete. Which means you could complete the whole course in less than 2 hours, if you chose to watch the whole thing all in one session.

But in the course overview video, I provide a useful tip about how to reduce this time, by speeding up the videos. Which may mean you could at least cut this viewing time by a quarter.

Can I really keep the Free Tools and PDF Checklists?

Yes you can, as long as you've downloaded the tools and PDFs to your computer before you receive your full refund, they are yours to keep. So you have nothing to lose.

All I would ask is for you to provide feedback about what you did or didn't like about the course, as this will help to improve the course for future users.

Your feedback is not a requirement for a full refund, but it would be appreciated and it would really help me to improve and develop the course.

My aim is always to help as many homeowners as possible, and to make this course as good as it can possibly be. With the ultimate aim as far as this course goes, to help as many homeowners achieve a maximum sale price for their house, and to sell it in the quickest possible time, and preferably in under 2 weeks from being listed.

* The term Return on Investment is normally referred to in relation to investment returns, but in this case this relates to the amount you could save as a result of investing in the cost of this course. There are no guarantees you will save any amount when using the strategies suggested in this course. Each house is different and the sale of any house is affected by many factors. There are no guarantees you will sell your house in two weeks, but if you apply what you learn in this video course, you stand more chance of selling your house for more money and in a much faster timescale.

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